So, you ask, why clean up after your dogs?
Besides having a bad odor and the unsightly appearance of dog poo left on the grass (please don't embarrass your furry family member), there are many types of bacteria, diseases, viruses and parasites that are carried in dog poo. Some can be transmitted to humans, and other pets and even to themselves.  Transmission of the these various parasites, viruses and bacteria can occur from the dog rolling in the poo, pawing it, running through it, or eating it (coprophagy). 
These can include Whipworms, Hookworms, Parvo Virus, Giardia, Cioccidia, just to name a few.
Dog poop is NOT fertilizer.  Unlike cow manure, dog poo is an acidic waste product.  Because the cow's diet is mainly vegetation, cow manure is fine for grass.   However, since most dog food is high in animal proteins, this is not the case with dog poo.  It will actually harm your lawn, not help it.
However, it's not too late!   Your yard can be a beautiful place again on which to play and entertain!​​

Next you ask, who should use this Service?
Busy families who can’t seem to find the time to take care of this tedious, non-glamorous chore. Keeping your fingers crossed, you are not the one to pick the short straw.
People who are environmentally conscious of how pet poo affects our wastewater, soil, and community.
Parents who want to keep their children protected against possible parasites from dog poo.
People with physical limitations which make it difficult or impossible to clean-up after their pet.
People with auto-immune deficiencies, pregnant women, or those undergoing chemotherapy who shouldn’t risk exposure to poo.
Commercial Properties and Residential Communities (Apartments, Town Homes, and other communities) who are looking for a solution to keep their neighborhood safe and clean.

Now you ask, what Service do I actually provide?
​​Weekly or bi-weekly (twice a week) clean up on a designated, scheduled day.
One time clean-ups for Spring, after Winter thaw, or for that special occasion (a minimum 1 week notice is required)
Payment is always prepaid, either by cash, check, money order or through PayPal.
At times, it may be necessary to change a scheduled clean-up.  I will always give you as much notice as possible, if this occurs.

So, lastly, you ask, what exactly happens when I come to your home?
I am a professional pet waste management service. I will come to your home and safely and efficiently scoop all the poop from designated areas. However, these areas must not be obstructed with toys, furniture, etc. I will then double bag the poop and dispoz of it either in your trash receptacle or in another designated area away from children and pets. You can then play and entertain safely and proudly with family and friends.


Sunny Dispoz-A-Poo, LLC
A professional pet waste removal service​
Just what is it I do and why?

It's a sunny day when the poo's away
So, if you have a Pooper, I have the Scooper!​
Simply put . . . I clean up the poop, so you don't have to.